Elevate your documentation with PowerShell Jupyter Notebook

Today I presented a Microsoft Reactor session on How to Elevate your documentation with PowerShell Jupyter Notebook. This session provided;

  • an introduction to ‘What is Jupyter Notebook”
  • a quick start guide
  • some advanced examples showing mixed HTML, JavaScript and PowerShell Notebook and Charts / Graphs
  • how to create your own PowerShell Jupyter Notebook environments

For those that attended the session, the presentation is embedded at the end of this post.… keep reading

Virtual Cards Against Humanity as an Azure Web App

2020 was already an apocalyptic year here in Australia with epic drought and then much of the country on fire. Now with COVID-19 tightening its grip on the world, our socializing has moved online. Video social catchups are great, but during one of our catchups with friends we wondered if it was possible to play virtual Cards Against Humanity.… keep reading

VSCode on Raspberry Pi for PowerShell Development

This is a post that I started more than a year ago. A goal was to be able to use a Raspberry Pi as a PowerShell Development environment. Whilst a lot has changed in that time (Powershell Core, Code Server and now the new Raspberry Pi 4) and a lot of progress made, I haven’t achieved my ultimate goal of using a Raspberry Pi as a development environment for Azure PowerShell Functions.… keep reading

Nested Virtual PowerShell Desktop Environments on Windows 10 & Windows Server 2019 in Azure – Part 3

This is the third and likely last post in this series. In Part 1 I introduced the capability to have Virtual PowerShell Environments using Docker and the full Windows 10 / Server 2019 Build 1809 container images. In Part 2 I detailed remotely access the Azure RM Windows 10 / Server 2019 host that contains the Docker Container with our full Windows 1809 environment (and therefore PowerShell Desktop).… keep reading