A synopsis of my first Microsoft (MVP) Summit

Last week I attended my first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Global Summit. Compared to a lot of the conferences I’ve been to over the years this was tiny with just over 2000 attendees. The difference however is that every attendee is an expert in their field (associated with at least one Microsoft technology) and they come from over 80 countries.… keep reading

New Laptop time. What do I need and what did I buy?

I joined the IT Industry as a full-time career in January 1992. It’s now January 2018 and in June ’17 last year I bought my very first laptop. WTF? 26 years and you’ve never bought a laptop? Yep. For all of my career I’ve worked for IT integrators and have been supplied with the core equipment required to perform my role.… keep reading

Checking and patching your Microsoft Windows computer for Meltdown and Spectre


A Google team named Project Zero in mid 2017 identified vulnerabilities with many Intel, AMD and ARM CPU’s that allow speculative pre-processing of code to be abused. Speculative pre-processing aids performance which is why it exists. However when used maliciously it would allow an attacker to use JavaScript in a webpage to access memory that could contain information present in a users environment such as key strokes, passwords and personal sensitive information.… keep reading