Microsoft MVP Renewal 2023/24

Microsoft MVP Security 2023/24

July and mid-winter here in Australia where the daylight hours are short and the weather is crisp. But the beginning of July along with being a new financial year is time where MVPs impatiently await Microsoft MVP renewal notifications. This year the announcement was delayed by a few more days but it was with plenty of forward notice.… keep reading

A synopsis of my first Microsoft (MVP) Summit

Last week I attended my first Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Global Summit. Compared to a lot of the conferences I’ve been to over the years this was tiny with just over 2000 attendees. The difference however is that every attendee is an expert in their field (associated with at least one Microsoft technology) and they come from over 80 countries.… keep reading

Awarded Microsoft MVP for Enterprise Mobility – Identity and Access Management

Microsoft MVP

This week I was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Enterprise Mobility for my work in the area of Identity and Access Management.

This is quite an honor and something I had never considered as for the majority of my professional career I’ve been employed by integrators that require all my work to be considered intellectual property that must not be shared publicly.… keep reading