SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module

Updated 17 Oct 2019 for v1.0.2 with additional cmdlets for;

Create / Get / Update / Remove IdentityNow Transforms
Get IdentityNow Rules
Get / Update Email Templates
Get IdentityNow Profiles
Get / Update IdentityNow Profiles Order

I’ve just published v1 of my SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.… keep reading

Troubleshooting the SailPoint IdentityNow RACF Connector Gateway Configuration

SailPoint IdentityNow RACF Connector Gateway Troubleshooting

Installing and configuring a SailPoint IdentityNow RACF Connector isn’t something you do everyday. It’s probably something you will only over do once or twice it at all. This post is my learnings from troubleshooting the SailPoint IdentityNow RACF Connector Gateway to allow the IdentityNow RACF Source to connect to the RACF Agent on z/OS.… keep reading

Configuring a SailPoint IdentityNow JDBC Source with multivalue fields – ‘mergeColumns’

Recently I was configuring a SailPoint IdentityNow JDBC Source with data a little different than a simple series of single valued columns. The Source was an Oracle SQL View with around 19 columns of which one key column was multi-valued. It contained a list of the Roles a user is a member of.… keep reading

Get/Update SailPoint IdentityNow Global Reminders and Escalation Policies

SailPoint IdentityNow Access Requests for Roles or Applications usually require approvals which are configured on the associated Role or Application. The Approval could be by the Role/Application Owner, a Governance Group or the Requestor’s Manager. However for reminders and escalation policies the configuration is only available to be retrieved and set via the API.… keep reading

Querying SailPoint IdentityNow Virtual Appliance Clusters with PowerShell

Today I was configuring an Integration Module for SailPoint IdentityNow. As part of that integration I needed the ID of an IdentityNow Virtual Appliance Cluster. It seemed I hadn’t previously documented doing this and I couldn’t find my previous script. So here’s a quick post for the next time I need to get info about the SailPoint Identity Now Virtual Appliance Clusters in my environment.… keep reading

Indexing a SailPoint IdentityNow Attribute in an Identity Cube for use in Correlation Rules

Joining/Matching rules in any Identity and Access Management Solution can make or break an Identity Lifecycle Management implementation. Out of the box SailPoint IdentityNow provides a number of common Identity Attributes that can be used for Correlation rules (joining/matching) from Identity Sources (connected systems).… keep reading

Building SailPoint IdentityNow Azure AD Source Filters

When you have a large Azure AD tenant it is likely that you want to scope your SailPoint IdentityNow Source based on the different type of identities it contains. Using the Filtering and Scoping┬ásection of the Azure AD Source Configuration Guide from Compass I first started constructing queries as I normally would with Azure AD against the Microsoft Graph API.… keep reading

Changing SailPoint IdentityNow Identity Profiles Priorities using PowerShell

In SailPoint IdentityNow a single user is highly likely to be represented on multiple Sources, that in turn are likely to be authoritative for differing SailPoint IdentityNow Identity Profiles. Often the first or last Identity Profile you create isn’t the one you wish to have the highest or lowest profile and you therefore need to change an Identity Profiles precedence so that the correct Identity Profile is associated with your identities.… keep reading

SailPoint IdentityNow Identity Profiles Mapping Report

Last year I wrote this post here that detailed using the SailPoint IdentityNow API to generate an IdentityNow Sources HTML Report using PowerShell.
In a similar vein here is a post that does a similar function, but for the IdentityNow Identity Profiles.… keep reading

Aggregating SailPoint IdentityNow Sources via API with PowerShell

Aggregating an IdentityNow Source can be achieved in a number of ways, but when you are in a development environment there will be times where you need to add additional attributes for a Source to load. If the additional attribute(s) is/are used for Correlation, it’s at this time you will need to perform a full aggregation from a Source to re-evaluate each object with the new Correlation rules and to bring in the additional attributes for each identity on the Source.… keep reading