This page summarises the posts I’ve made relating to IoT. Mostly posts associated with integrating Single Board Computers (SBC’s) and Microcontrollers with the Internet and/or Azure IoT. I’ll be keeping it updated as I post more about messing around with IoT devices.

I was classically trained in Electronic and Software Engineering after which I immediately decided that writing software and designing microprocessor based hardware wasn’t the career path for me.

Way back in 2002 I connected my first (IoT) project to the internet and re-birthed my fascination with microprocessors, micro controllers and software. Now every room in my house has a blinking light monitoring or orchestrating my world.


IoT based presentations to User Groups and the Global Azure Bootcamp.

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 – Creating the Internet of YOUR Things

Using Azure Cognitive Services to Empower the IT Service Desk

Azure IoT

Integrating IoT devices with Azure IoT.

Sending Events from IoT Devices to Azure IoT Hub using HTTPS and REST

Exporting IoT Device Information from Azure IoT Hub(s) using PowerShell

Integrating Azure IoT Devices with MongooseOS MQTT and PowerShell

Automating the creation of Azure IoT Hubs and the registration of IoT Devices with PowerShell and VS Code

Azure Sphere – Initial Setup, Configuration and First Impressions

A Voice Assistant for Microsoft Identity Manager


Getting started developing Custom Actions for the Google Assistant (Home)

A quick start guide for Deploying and Configuring Node-RED as an Azure WebApp

Commanding your Philips Hue lights with PowerShell

CIRCUITPY Volume not visible for an Adafruit Circuit Playground Express on Windows 10 1803

Azure Cognitive Services; Text to Speech, Speech to Text and Text Translation

Mongoose OS

Mongoose OS on microcontrollers integrating with Azure IoT.

Building a Teenager Notification Service using Azure IoT an Azure Function, Microsoft Flow, Mongoose OS and a Micro Controller

Adding a Display to the Teenager Notification Service Azure IoT Device

Integrating Azure IoT Devices with MongooseOS MQTT and PowerShell

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi and PowerShell.

Getting started with PowerShell IoT on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)

VSCode on Raspberry Pi for PowerShell Development