Microsoft Identity Manager Graph Connector stopped-extensible-extension-error

Graph Connector Delta Token Expired over 30 Days

Running a Delta Import on the Microsoft Identity Manager Graph Connector returns stopped-extensible-extension-error .

Looking into the Application Event Log we initially see BadRequest.

Graph Connector Delta Token Expired

Digging deeper we find DeltaLink older than 30 days is not supported.

Graph Connector Delta Token Expired over 30 Days.PNG

In this particular case the Microsoft Graph Connector for Microsoft Identity Manager has not run in over 30 days and the Differential Query DeltaLink cookie that I detailed in this post and this post has expired.… keep reading

Microsoft Build – ‘Build apps that integrate, automate, and manage security operations’ Presentation

User Secure Score Risk Profile - 640px

At Microsoft Build last week I was honoured to co-present the Build apps that integrate, automate, and manage security operations” session on the Microsoft Security Graph with Preeti Krishna and Sarah Fender

The session was recorded and is available here

The PowerPoint presentation itself is here BUILD19_SecurityDeveloperPlatform

I provided a demo of my Microsoft U.S.E.R (User Security Evaluation Reporter) Application that leverages the Microsoft Security Graph amongst others.… keep reading

Winner: Microsoft Graph Security Hackathon

Recently I entered my second Hackathon. My submission was my first ever Web Application for the Devpost / Microsoft Graph Security Hackathon. This morning (Australian time) the winners were announced and ……. I WON.

To say I’m thrilled and honoured would be an understatement as the hackathon was judged by the esteemed Ann Johnson, Scott Hanselman, Troy Hunt, Rick Howard, Mark Russinovich and Olli Vanhoja.… keep reading

Microsoft Graph and the $whatIf option

What we know today as the Microsoft Graph has evolved over the last few years from a number of different API’s that were developed by different product teams within Microsoft (e.g Azure AD, Office 365, Outlook). That doesn’t mean the old ones have gone away, but it does mean that we can connect to the Microsoft Graph API and leverage the API’s we used to interface with independently.… keep reading