Orchestrating 1Password with PowerShell

Orchestrating 1Password with PowerShell

Over two years ago I authored a PowerShell Module that enabled the automation of 1Password. I created the module because I wanted to be able to:

  • Securely store locally a configuration for accessing a 1Password online Vault
  • Automate authentication and retrieve a Session Token for interaction with a 1Password online Vault
  • Automatically renew the Session Token if it expires
  • Have multiple profile configurations for multiple 1Password Accounts
  • Work in Windows PowerShell (5.x)
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Goodbye Azure AD, Hello Entra ID

The Entra Suite

Today Microsoft made big announcements about its Microsoft Entra suite of identity and security products and capabilities. The Microsoft Entra suite is expanding into Security Service Edge and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is becoming Microsoft Entra ID. Azure Active Directory as a name is now earmarked for the history books and Entra ID is born.… keep reading

Microsoft MVP Renewal 2023/24

Microsoft MVP Security 2023/24

July and mid-winter here in Australia where the daylight hours are short and the weather is crisp. But the beginning of July along with being a new financial year is time where MVPs impatiently await Microsoft MVP renewal notifications. This year the announcement was delayed by a few more days but it was with plenty of forward notice.… keep reading

Getting started with the official SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell SDK

SailPoint Identity PowerShell SDK

This week as part of the SailPoint Developer Days 2023 conference the SailPoint Developer Relations team proudly announced the official SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell SDK. They also announced Typescript and Go, but I’m sure you’re here for PowerShell.

I was very proud to be included in the announcement with Jordan Violet the head of Developer Relations at SailPoint and then followed up by Philip Ellis who gave an overview of the SDKs.… keep reading

Searching LDIF Files with PowerShell

Yes, it is 2023 and you did read the title correctly. Searching LDIF Files with PowerShell. But why?

Something I learned a few decades ago in Identity Management is that when you go live with an identity solution that updates Active Directory, you will get blamed for changes you didn’t do.… keep reading