Elevate your documentation with PowerShell Jupyter Notebook

Today I presented a Microsoft Reactor session on How to Elevate your documentation with PowerShell Jupyter Notebook. This session provided;

  • an introduction to ‘What is Jupyter Notebook”
  • a quick start guide
  • some advanced examples showing mixed HTML, JavaScript and PowerShell Notebook and Charts / Graphs
  • how to create your own PowerShell Jupyter Notebook environments

For those that attended the session, the presentation is embedded at the end of this post.… keep reading

Using PowerShell to query Oracle DB’s without using the Oracle Client – Oracle Data Provider for .NET

With every Identity and Access Management project comes the often tactical integration with heritage/legacy systems that can often assist with their decommissioning. That is exactly what I was having to do a couple of weeks ago with Oracle. My public frustration with installing the Oracle Client on a Windows Server 2016 host to allow me to integrate Microsoft Identity Manager with Oracle saw me rewarded with an unsolicited but fantastic response from Sylvan Laurence.keep reading