Convert to and from Windows and Unix timestamps with PowerShell

Convert Windows Unix timestamps to DateTime PSObject

In this post I detail a module I’ve just published that is another of those I’ve done this before, but how do I find it again moments. Converting from Windows and Unix timestamps with PowerShell. A number of the PowerShell Modules I’ve published do contain the Unix timestamp conversion, but I couldn’t find Windows timestamp conversion as a function that I know I’ve previously written.… keep reading

Quickly generating a dataset of fictitious Users using Randomised Real Data and PowerShell


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the need to generate a representative dataset of users. Of course I have access to many production datasets but for many reasons they can’t be used. Finding previous datasets I’ve randomly generated always seems to take longer than it should, so with my most recent iteration of having to generate a fictitious list of users with Australian addresses, I’ve documented how I went about it, along with the source data I used and the script to create it.… keep reading