Goodbye Azure AD, Hello Entra ID

Today Microsoft made big announcements about its Microsoft Entra suite of identity and security products and capabilities. The Microsoft Entra suite is expanding into Security Service Edge and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is becoming Microsoft Entra ID. Azure Active Directory as a name is now earmarked for the history books and Entra ID is born.… keep reading


Hackathons are something I’ve been an onlooker of for a number of years, but not something I ever thought I would be a part of. Historically because they were typically run over a few days and were more developer focussed.

However more recently I’ve noticed an increasing number of online hackathons that are run over 2-3 months.… keep reading

Debugging Microsoft Entra Verified ID setup and configuration

Maybe you are new to verifiable credentials, or maybe you’ve been on the decentralised identity journey with us for many years. Either way if you’ve participated in the previews of Azure Active Directory Verifiable Credentials and more recently with Entra Verified ID you’ll know there are numerous steps to successfully creating, issuing and presenting a verifiable credential.… keep reading