Accessing SailPoint IdentityNow Certification Campaigns using PowerShell

Sailpoint IdentityNow Certifications
Update: Oct 2019. Certification Campaigns can be easily managed using the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.

This is the first post in a series covering SailPoint IdentityNow Certifications. Specifically listing and returning campaigns, creating campaigns and accessing campaign reports. This post will show Listing Active and Completed Campaigns, Searching for a specific Campaign and returning the full details for a Campaign.… keep reading

Adding Delta Sync Support to the Microsoft Identity Manager PowerShell Management Agent for Workday HR

Recently I posted a sample Microsoft Identity Manager Management Agent for Workday HR. Subsequently I also posted about some updates I made to the WorkdayAPI PowerShell Module to enable functionality to specify the time period to return changes for. This post details updating  my sample Workday Management Agent to support Delta Synchronisation.… keep reading

Managing SailPoint IdentityNow Sources via the API with PowerShell

Update: Oct 2019. IdentityNow Sources can be easily managed using the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module.

Back again with another post in my series detailing accessing SailPoint IdentityNow via the API using the unpublished and undocumented APIs. Previous posts detail;

This post also assumes you are able to access the IdentityNow APIs as detailed in this post here.… keep reading