Release 1.0.7 SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module

I’ve just published v1.0.7 of the SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module to both GitHub and the PowerShell Gallery. The Version 1.0.7 SailPoint IdentityNow PowerShell Module is a minor update comprising updates to a number of the cmdlets, a couple of new cmdlets and a bugfix.

Now that PowerShell 7 is officially released, v1.0.7 has been tested with PowerShell 7. Major thanks again to Sean McGovern for the new Test-IdentityNowTransforms cmdlet, testing and bug fixes.

v1.0.6 to v1.0.7 Release Notes

Here is a summary of additions and updates in v1.0.7.

New SailPoint IdentityNow Cmdlets

  • Get / Set-IdentityNowTimeZone
    • Get IdentityNow Time Zone(s).
    • Set IdentityNow Time Zone.
  • Test-IdentityNowTransforms
    • Tests transforms on IdentityNow to detect common problems.

SailPoint IdentityNow Cmdlet Changes

  • Invoke-IdentityNowAggregateSource -disableOptimization is now a Switch parameter
    • no longer have to supply -disableOptimization $true
  • Invoke-IdentityNowRequest now has a ‘json-patch+json‘ option
    • Invoke-IdentityNowRequest -headers Headersv3_JSON-Patch
  • Update/Get-IdentityNowSource
    • new parameter -accountProfiles
      • (optional) get the account profiles such as create/update profile of an IdentityNow Source
  • Get-IdentityNowTransform
    • New (optional) -json parameter to return transforms as json
      • Resolves an issue whereby PowerShell doesn’t return transforms with backslahses etc.

SailPoint IdentityNow Module Fixes

  •  Fixed the issue with cmdlets loading twice

The documentation has also been updated accordingly including some previous omissions. The most recent version is always available on the GitHub Project Page here.

Full List of cmdlets

Name                                        Synopsis
----                                        --------
Complete-IdentityNowTask                    Complete an IdentityNow Task.
Get-HashString                              Generate IdentityNow Admin User Password Hash to obtain oAuth Access Token.
Get-IdentityNowAccessProfile                Get an IdentityNow Access Profile(s).
Get-IdentityNowAccountActivities            Get IdentityNow Activities.
Get-IdentityNowAccountActivity              Get IdentityNow Activity for an account.
Get-IdentityNowActiveJobs                   Get IdentityNow Active Jobs.
Get-IdentityNowAPIClient                    Get IdentityNow API Client(s).
Get-IdentityNowApplication                  Get IdentityNow Application(s).
Get-IdentityNowCertCampaign                 Get IdentityNow Certification Campaign(s).
Get-IdentityNowCertCampaignReport           Get IdentityNow Certification Campaign Report(s).
Get-IdentityNowEmailTemplate                Get IdentityNow Email Template(s).
Get-IdentityNowGovernanceGroup              Get an IdentityNow Governance Group.
Get-IdentityNowIdentityAttribute            Get an IdentityNow Identity Attribute(s).
Get-IdentityNowOAuthAPIClient               Get IdentityNow oAuth API Client(s).
Get-IdentityNowOrg                          Displays the default Uri value for all or a particular Organisation based on configured OrgName.
Get-IdentityNowOrgConfig                    Get IdentityNow Org Global Reminders and Escalation Policies Configuration.
Get-IdentityNowOrgStatus                    Get an IdentityNow Org Status.
Get-IdentityNowProfile                      Get IdentityNow Identity Profile(s).
Get-IdentityNowProfileOrder                 Get IdentityNow Profiles Order.
Get-IdentityNowQueue                        Get IdentityNow Queues.
Get-IdentityNowRole                         Get an IdentityNow Role(s).
Get-IdentityNowRule                         Get IdentityNow Rule(s).
Get-IdentityNowSource                       Get IdentityNow Source(s).
Get-IdentityNowSourceAccounts               Get IdentityNow Accounts on a Source.
Get-IdentityNowTask                         Get an IdentityNow Task(s).
Get-IdentityNowTimeZone                     Get IdentityNow Time Zone(s).
Get-IdentityNowTransform                    Get IdentityNow Transform(s).
Get-IdentityNowVACluster                    Get IdentityNow Virtual Appliance Cluster(s).
Invoke-IdentityNowAggregateSource           Initiate Aggregation of an IdentityNow Source.
Invoke-IdentityNowRequest                   Submit an IdentityNow API Request.
Invoke-IdentityNowSourceReset               Reset an IdentityNow Source.
Join-IdentityNowAccount                     Join an IdentityNow User Account to an Identity.
New-IdentityNowAccessProfile                Create an IdentityNow Access Profile.
New-IdentityNowAPIClient                    Create an IdentityNow v2 API Client.
New-IdentityNowCertCampaign                 Create an IdentityNow Certification Campaign.
New-IdentityNowGovernanceGroup              Create a new IdentityNow Governance Group.
New-IdentityNowIdentityProfilesReport       Generate a HTML Report of IdentityNow Identity Profiles and export each Identity Profile config.
New-IdentityNowOAuthAPIClient               Create an IdentityNow v3 oAuth API Client.
New-IdentityNowProfile                      Create new IdentityNow Identity Profile(s).
New-IdentityNowRole                         Create an IdentityNow Role.
New-IdentityNowSource                       Create an IdentityNow Source.
New-IdentityNowSourceAccountSchemaAttribute Discover or add to a sources' account schema.
New-IdentityNowSourceConfigReport           Generate a HTML Report of IdentityNow Sources configuration and export each Source and Schema config.
New-IdentityNowTransform                    Create an IdentityNow Transform.
New-IdentityNowUserSourceAccount            Create an IdentityNow User Account on a Flat File Source.
Remove-IdentityNowAccessProfile             Delete an IdentityNow Access Profile.
Remove-IdentityNowAPIClient                 Delete an IdentityNow API Client.
Remove-IdentityNowGovernanceGroup           Delete an IdentityNow Governance Group.
Remove-IdentityNowOAuthAPIClient            Delete an IdentityNow oAuth API Client.
Remove-IdentityNowProfile                   Delete an IdentityNow Identity Profile.
Remove-IdentityNowRole                      Delete an IdentityNow Role.
Remove-IdentityNowSource                    Deletes an IdentityNow Source.
Remove-IdentityNowTransform                 Delete an IdentityNow Transform.
Remove-IdentityNowUserSourceAccount         Delete an IdentityNow User Account on a Flat File Source.
Save-IdentityNowConfiguration               Saves default IdentityNow configuration to a file in the current users Profile.
Search-IdentityNowAuditEvents               Search IdentityNow Audit Event(s) using the v2 API.
Search-IdentityNowEntitlements              Get IdentityNow Entitlements.
Search-IdentityNowEvents                    Search IdentityNow Event(s) using Elasticsearch queries.
Search-IdentityNowIdentities                Search IdentityNow Identitie(s) using Elasticsearch queries.
Search-IdentityNowUserProfile               Get an IdentityNow Users Identity Profile.
Search-IdentityNowUsers                     Get IdentityNow Users.
Set-IdentityNowCredential                   Sets the default IdentityNow API credentials.
Set-IdentityNowOrg                          Sets the default Organisation name for an IdentityNow Tenant.
Set-IdentityNowTimeZone                     Set IdentityNow Time Zone.
Start-IdentityNowCertCampaign               Start an IdentityNow Certification Campaign that is currently 'Staged'.
Start-IdentityNowProfileUserRefresh         Triggers a user refresh for an IdentityNow Identity Profile(s).
Test-IdentityNowCredentials                 Tests IdentityNow Live credentials.
Test-IdentityNowSourceConnection            Tests connection on an IdentityNow Source.
Test-IdentityNowTransforms                  Test IdentityNow transforms to detect common problems
Update-IdentityNowAccessProfile             Update an IdentityNow Access Profile(s).
Update-IdentityNowApplication               Update an IdentityNow Application.
Update-IdentityNowEmailTemplate             Update an IdentityNow Email Template.
Update-IdentityNowGovernanceGroup           Add or Remove member(s) from an IdentityNow Governance Group.
Update-IdentityNowIdentityAttribute         Update an IdentityNow Identity Attribute to be listed in Identity Profiles.
Update-IdentityNowOrgConfig                 Update IdentityNow Org Global Reminders and Escalation Policies Configuration.
Update-IdentityNowProfileOrder              Update IdentityNow Profile Order.
Update-IdentityNowRole                      Update an IdentityNow Role.
Update-IdentityNowSource                    Update the configuration of an IdentityNow Source.
Update-IdentityNowTransform                 Update an IdentityNow Transform.
Update-IdentityNowUserSourceAccount         Update an IdentityNow User Account on a Flat File Source.

If you’d like to contribute to this module review the module on GitHub and submit a Pull Request.