[error 0x800700c1 when launching `C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe’]

[error 0x800700c1 when launching `C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe']

I’ve recently upgraded to the latest Windows Terminal version (1.8.1521.0). Today after a well overdue restart of my computer, opening Windows Terminal with PowerShell configured as my default profile presented me with [error 0x800700c1 when launching `C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe’].

[error 0x800700c1 when launching `C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe']

Some quick searching to see if this was common turned up this old issue in the Windows Terminal GitHub Repo issues list.… keep reading

PowerShell Snippets Vol 4

Welcome to my PowerShell Snippets Vol 4. A collection of PowerShell commands for tasks that I don’t perform often and can’t recall easily from memory. Those ‘I know I’ve worked this out before’ type moments. Volume 1 is available here, Volume 2 is available here and Volume 3 is available here.… keep reading