Auditing Azure AD Registered Applications

Azure AD Registered Applications are the Azure AD version of Active Directory Service Accounts. Over time, the number of them grow and grow, each having permissions to consume information from Azure AD and or Microsoft Graph. As an Administrator of Azure AD there is maintenance associated with these Registered Applications, namely credential validity and more important application validity.… keep reading

React-Stockcharts for PowerShell Universal Dashboard

Update: 18 June 2020
v1.0.3 is now Code Signed and includes 2 additional charts;
- Candle Stick Stock Scale Chart with Volume Bar
- Candle Stick Chart with Edge

Update: 30 Jan 2020
v1.0.2 includes 4 additional charts;
- Candle Stick Chart with SAR
- Candle Stick Chart with Gann Fan
- OHLC Chart with Elder Ray Indicator
- OHLC Chart with Elder Impulse Indicator
Examples here

Update: 21 Jan 2020
v1.0.1 that includes 4 additional charts;
- Candle Stick Chart with MACD Indicator
- Candle Stick Chart with RSI Indicator
- Candle Stick Chart with Bollinger Band Overlay
- Candle Stick Chart with MA
Examples here

I’ve just published my first custom component for the PowerShell Universal Dashboard.… keep reading