Microsoft Identity Manager Service and Portal Setup Wizard ended prematurely

Last week I was installing the Microsoft Identity Manager Service and Portal on a relatively fresh build of a Windows 2012R2 Server that also included an automated installation of SharePoint Server 2013 w/ SP1.

After going through all the installation configuration options and having the installation start I got the extremely helpful “Setup Wizard ended prematurely” error message.

Install Error.png

Having been in this situation previously on other installs (but for different reasons) I knew it was time to kick off the installation again from the command prompt with logging to an installation log file as shown below.

msiexec /i “e:\Service and Portal\Service and Portal.msi” /l*v c:\temp\install.log 

Install with Logging.png

Providing all the same installation configuration options again the install kicked off again and obviously returned the same “Setup Wizard ended prematurely” error message. But this time I had the installation log file to find out why.

Reading through the log file I found the System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException error as highlighted in the screenshot below. A SharePoint issue. The http://localhost could not be found. What? I could access the SharePoint Central Administration site and I could see everything I’d normally expect.


Until I looked in the Alternate Access Mappings.

Alternate Access Mappings.png

For whatever reason my only entry was for the MIM Portal and Service URL that I was trying to install.

Internal Host - Wrong.png

I updated the Alternate Access Mappings to included an additional mapping for http://localhost as per the screenshot below.

Updated Alternate Access Mapping.png

Updated Alternate Access Mapping2.png

Running the installation process again (and re-entering all the setup configuration) and everything went through as it should. Hope this helps by saving someone else an hour or so.

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