Indexing a SailPoint IdentityNow Attribute in an Identity Cube for use in Correlation Rules

Joining/Matching rules in any Identity and Access Management Solution can make or break an Identity Lifecycle Management implementation. Out of the box SailPoint IdentityNow provides a number of common Identity Attributes that can be used for Correlation rules (joining/matching) from Identity Sources (connected systems).

Often though you want to add additional attributes to the list of Identity Attributes that can be used for correlation. The IdentityNow Portal does not provide this functionality, but it is possible via the IdentityNow API. However the documentation and guidance around this is a little sparse. This post details how to use the API to enable additional attributes for use with correlation rules.

NOTE: The guidance is to be pragmatic with the number of additional attributes that you add as Identity Attributes for Correlation. The guidance is a maximum of 7 additional attributes 


  1. Authentication. I using the v3 method that I detail here
  2. On an Identity Profile you’ll need to map the attribute from a Source to an attribute in the Identity Profile.
    • In the IdentityNow Portal go to Admin => Identities => Identity Profiles => Your Identity Profile => Mappings => Add Attribute


I’m using PowerShell, but the process can be transposed to any language that you can use to make Web Requests. The high-level process is;

  1. Get the list of Identity Attributes
  2. Locate the attribute you want to be available for Correlation rules
    • this is required as addressing the attribute to make it available is case-sensitive
  3. Update the object to make it Searchable
    • making the attribute Searchable promotes it to being available for Correlation Rules

The Script

The steps in the script below assume you are authenticated to the IdentityNow API as detailed in the prerequisites. You should only need to then update line 12 for the attribute name you want to make searchable and available for correlation rules.

The script steps (that you will want to manually step through);

  •  Get the list of Identity Attributes
    • The attribute you want to promote to be searchable should be present, as you’ve mapped it in an Identity Profile as detailed in the prerequisites
  • Get the attribute to modify
  • Modify the attribute object to make it searchable
    • modify other aspects of the Identity Attribute to allow the attribute changes to be written back to IdentityNow
  • Update the attribute in IdentityNow


As the script above shows, the process to update an attribute to make it searchable and available for correlation rules is a little more involved that just flipping an attribute value, but once you know how reasonably trivial.