HRESULT: 0x8023063D when attempting to run multiple Sync Run Profiles in MIM/FIM after applying rollup build 4.3.2124.0

A new hotfix rollup was released on the 11th of March Microsoft Identity Manager contains a number of fixes and some new functionality.

It appears that it also contains a new bug. Information about this came to my attention from Ryan Newington

The bug kicks in if you’re trying to run sync sequences on multiple MA’s simultaneously. It throws the error; “Unable to run the management agent.” Exception from HRESULT: 0x8023063D

The screenshot below shows the error when attempting to run a Full Synchronization on an MA when another MA is already running a Full Synchronization.

Note: You CAN still run Stage (Full Import) sequences on multiple MA’s simultaneously.

After rolling back my MIM Sync Server (to 4.3.2064.0, the snapshot prior to applying the 4.3.2124.0 rollup) I can again run multiple sync sequences across multiple management agents simultaneously.


If your run sequences include running multiple sync jobs running simultaneously don’t update your MIM/FIM Synchronisation Server to 4.3.2124.0.

Microsoft, can we have a fix please.

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