Provisioning Home Directories for Active Directory Users with FIM / MIM using the Granfeldt PowerShell Management Agent

Forefront / Microsoft Identity Manager contains numerous Management Agents (MA’s) out of the box. However an MA for creating user home directories and setting the associated permissions isn’t one of them.

Over the years I’ve accomplished home directory provisioning and permissioning in Active Directory / Windows File Services and Novell eDirectory / Novell File Services using methods that aren’t strictly best practice / supported (e.g.… keep reading

Provision Users for Exchange with FIM/MIM 2016 using the Granfeldt PowerShell MA, avoiding the AD MA (no-start-ma) error

Forefront / Microsoft Identity Manager provides Exchange Mailbox provisioning out of the box on the Active Directory Management Agent. I’ve used it in many many implementations over the years. However, in my first MIM 2016 implementation in late 2015 I ran into issues with something I’d done successfully many times before.… keep reading